• How long does it typically take for enrollment approval?

    Please allow up to 10 business days for your enrollment to be approved.

  • What if I do not have a Trade License?

    You must have a Trade License to participate in the program. If you do not have one, your submission will go into an alternate review process that may take longer.

  • Do I need to update my Trade License number or expiration date?

    You should not change your Trade License number but may need to update the expiration date, this is predicated on the state your license was issued in.

  • How do I earn points?

    You earn points by selling Navien products and then registering your sale.

  • When registering a sale where do I find the product serial number?

    You will find the serial number on a sticker on the side of the product.

  • When does the registered sale I made from the product sold get awarded?

    As the registered sales are made the points are awarded in real-time.

  • What do I do if my Navien wholesaler did not provide me an invoice?

    You must submit your Navien wholesaler invoice in order to receive your points for products sold.

  • Why do I need prior approval to redeem my points for certain activities?

    This program is to help you increase your business; however, we need to ensure the Navien logo is being used correctly.

  • Do award values change for specific products sold?

    Navien reserves the right to change award values for specified products at anytime.

  • How long does it take to receive prior approval when redeeming my points?

    You should allow up to 10 business days to receive approval. Note, design changes may be necessary and resubmitted.

  • Will I receive notice when approval is completed?

    You will receive an email notification.

  • How do I get reimbursed when redeeming items that need approval?

    All payments will be placed on your Visa® Prepaid Card.

  • Do I get a new card for each rewards redeemed payment?

    No. You will receive one card for all rewards redeemed payments once final approval is received. The card will be reloaded as new redemptions are approved.

  • When redeeming my points earned is the process different for certain products?

    Yes, based on the item you want to redeem to grow your business there may be an approval process.

  • Are there guidelines to use for specific redemptions that may bear the Navien

    Yes, you will find templates for your reference for each redemption item.

  • Can wholesalers and homeowners sign up for this program?

    NO - NavienRewards™ is designed exclusively for the benefit of professional general contracting businesses only. Individuals enrolling must be authorized by their employer to register. Please refer to the Program Terms and Conditions.

  • Why are you asking for my EIN or SSN?

    Navien is required to file a 1099-Misc tax form with the IRS for participants who have received a total of more than $600 in rewards within a calendar year. Navien may require participants to submit their EIN or SSN in compliance with the regulations and guidelines established by the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.

  • What units are eligible to be registered?

    Current units including NPE-A, NPE-S, NHB, NCB-E, and NFB models are eligible to be registered. Legacy units including CH and NR/NP models are not eligible. Unit purchases must be registered within 90 days from date of purchase to receive points.